What happens when you lose track of why you’re doing something, something you’ve been doing your whole life?

When you forget why you ever started, you fall out of love with the thing and in the process of doing so, you lose all sense of who you are?

And then you find a new thing, quite unexpectedly, and you love that thing so much it changes how you feel about EVERYTHING?

These questions, combined with the death of a certain rockstar, set me off on a journey last year.

This show is the result. Or, at least, the start of the result.

I realised I’d been a bit lost for a while. Not actually geographically lost, although that has happened too, but just a general feeling of losing my bearings and things not quite ending up how I thought they would. And then I started to explore how I was feeling, and why, and I started to make some decisions and I decided I was ready to move on. Not just in the harp sense but in the life sense too.

For this gig, I’ll be leaving my ginormous spangly concert harp at home, and will instead be playing my electric harp.

I’ll share songs, stories and a couple of pieces written for solo harp, plus my singer friend Frankie Phoenix will join me for a couple of tunes too.

There’ll be originals, covers of songs by Massive Attack, Enya, Kate and Ruth and Gil Scott-Heron, tales from the past and hopes for the future.

So… if you are feeling lost, or you have felt lost, or you think you might be lost in the future, if you like hearing stories with your music, if you’ve always wondered what an electric harp sounds like, if you want to hear what on earth long distance running has to do with harp practice, or if you are just plain curious, it would be great to see you.

Contact me for further information or just come along to the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on Sunday 9th April at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 on the door.